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to negotiate a successful resolution of contractual problems.

Home inspection for premises

As a practicing Attorney for over 40 years, Mr Reed is able to offer his insight into both the

purchase and sale of real estate. Normally a real estate broker prepares the contract for the purchase of real estate. A typical contract has an attorney review clause, wherein either party may make changes to the contract within 5 business days. No changes can be made regarding the purchase price.

We suggest that prospective home buyers procure a home inspection, survey, termite

inspection and radon inspection for the premises. During the 5 day review period or any extension therein requested, attorneys may request repairs to be made to the premises. On occasion, sometimes a party will request monies from the seller in lieu of repairs being made to the premises.

We will review the preliminary title report to make sure there are no outstanding liens or problems with the title.

Thereafter, we will attend the closing and resolve any lingering issues which may arise.


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