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File for Chapter 13 to make debt manageable

Consolidate your debts and see the results

Make it easier to repay your debts

If you have too many assets or too much income to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there's still hope. You can come to the experienced team at John A. Reed, Ltd. to learn more about your options with Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


Reorganizing your debt can be a big relief to people who are in need. You may be able to save your house if it's in foreclosure, avoid taking out a second mortgage, and even get a 0% interest rate on your debt repayment. Contact us with any questions you may have about Chapter 13 bankruptcy - your initial phone consultation is FREE!

You may benefit from filing for Chapter 13 if any of the following apply to you:

Evening and weekend appointments are available so that you can get the advice you need when you need it.



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• You cannot exempt all of your assets in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

• You have too much disposable income after your monthly expenditures.

• You have recently lost your job and cannot make your mortgage payments.

Best of all, filing can be affordable for you, thanks to our flexible payment options.